To maintain healthy and prosperous Palms, it is essential to understand these challenges and to obtain the tools necessary to overcome them.

In order to plant a tree along the street in the “public right-of-way” (see definition below), you must obtain a planting permit from the city before planting your tree. If you apply (and are approved) for street trees through our Spring Tree Distribution, we will obtain the permit for you and mark the approved planting locations. Now that’s service!

Depending on the type of season, we recommend watering at least every third day. Please talk to us about current water requirements.

We offer installation from June to November, and delivery anytime from April to November. Please contact us for installation and delivery rates.

Trees can be planted spring, summer and fall. It is crucial that trees are watered regularly during the first year of planting. Depending on the precipitation of the following years, your trees may require watering regularly as they don’t have a large root system established to help sustain themselves. We offer drip irrigation systems and watering bags to help irrigate your trees consistently.